Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Twins Birthday!

Today (June 6th) is Christian and Josiah's birthday! We had a party for them a couple days ago.

We were just trying to get a good picture!

There we go! (We had to pretty much wrestle with Josiah for that one! He is very strong!)

Here's me spoiling Christian with cake and ice cream.

Right before we were going to cut the cake. (My cousin, Sara, is a holding her baby brother, Ronald Reagan, who is only three months older than the twins, but the same size as they are.)

Christian is a very gentle baby who loves to be held and cuddled, he practically lives off of it! Christian hardly fights at all, but when he does he'll lightly try to take a toy or hit Josiah on the head.
Josiah, on the other hand, loves to fight and take toys! He is a very independent little boy, who is also very aggressive! Sometimes he screams to get his way or toy. He hates being held especially now that he knows how to walk . My grandma said "trying to hold Josiah is like trying to wrestle an alligator!".

The twins are very different I guess the only thing that is the same about them is their birthday and their blood!I don't know how life would be without the twins! One friend said "they must be a blessed handful" and yes, that is exactly what they are! They bring alot of happiness to our home.
I pray that they, and my other brothers, will become mighty men of God and live their life for Him!


~Anna~ said...

Hi Janai!
Well, I'm pretty sure you don't know me, but my family goes to Fellowship Baptist! I'm good friends with Karisse Wesco and she was telling me about ya'll so...that's how I found your blog! =) -Anna Joy

Karisse Wesco said...

I'd forgotten that your twin brothers share their birthday with Joel!!
Happy belated birthday to Christian and Josiah! I pray God's blessing on their lives.