Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Purposeful Blogging"

Anna gave me this award for "Purposeful Blogging"!
I'm supposed to link to what she said so here it is-
Janai at Daughters of the King: I started reading her blog with no idea that I'd already met her several times at church..:) I love reading her blog, and it's nice to be friends in "real" life too.
I also have to link back to the original site Blogging with a Purpose for the rules. I'm also supposed to pick five bloggers to give this award to. . . it's very hard but here they are.

First to my Dad at The Colosseum and The Male Domain because he tries hard to be a good dad to us when it was hard for him and my mom in their up bringing. He's made a lot of changes in his own and our lives than if he had not become a Christian! He's learned alot about being a good husband and father and is doing a good job applying them!!

Next to my Mom at A Wise Women Builds Her Home because, being an only child, she is very brave to try to raise eight children (five boys and three girls, including twins!)! She does alot of hard work and, like my dad, reads and trys hard to apply what she's learned. She's doing a good job at it!!

Anna at His Way is Perfect because she does very good in her writing! She is almost like a "twin-sister-that-I-hardly-ever-see"!= )

Daniel at Globelens because he has a lot of knowledge and writes about interesting things that I usually don't think about. He and his family are very close friends to us! He also writes for Creation and World magazine!

Timothy and Karisse at Wesco Journal because they are very godly siblings and they always try to put God into everything they say and do!! They also are a lot of fun to be around!=)

And I'll do one more (I'm not sure if I could do this but I will anyway!) William at New World Traveler first of all, because he's my cousin and then second, because he keeps me up-dated on what's going on in the Olympics and the Chinese world!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas Eve. Pictures

I know it's a little late to post about Christmas. But here are some pictures that I thought you would enjoy. We went to my cousins house that day.

L to R: Virginia, Lena, and Joy

L to R: Virgie, Sara, and Naomi

L to R: Ethan, Virgie, Joy, and Lena

Naomi serving herself some food.

Ravi received a live bug shadow. I think you put live bugs in the holes with the light on and it makes a shadow! Isn't that interesting?;)

Ronald and Joy

Stephen received this children's Bible that has CD's with it.

My Uncle Israel acting as Santa.

Passing out gifts.

Naomi and Sara

My Uncle Bob, with his camera.

Playing a game of chess.

We left at three a.m. and came home at four!! And that was basically our Christmas!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Stephen Giving. . .

Last week, Stephen supported the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association by giving $2! (And he's only eight years old!) He's been praying alot for the ministry and he will receive a book called "Hope For Each Day" by Billy Graham.
My mom encouraged us (Me and Naomi) to help support other ministries as well. Naomi is going to help and pray for Above Rubies. I am still thinking about the one I'll help. I'm pretty sure it will be a radio ministry, though. There are just so many programs and stations to choose from! I'll just keep praying! =)