Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Voice of Truth- Casting Crowns

Thought this video was kind of funny! Hope you enjoy it!

Missing Tooth

Ravi lost his first tooth! He (and all of us) were surprised because no one knew that he even had a loose tooth! At night he put it under his pillow and got one dollar and fifty cents from the tooth fairy! Boy, was he happy!


As many of you know, we lead a bible study called HomeBuilders. And we just had a bunch of people over to our house last week, from there and other places as well. You can see more pictures at the HomeBuilders website.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are You Ready?

This video is about the rapture that's suppose to happen as told in Revelation.

Monday, July 9, 2007

God is Wonderful!

This picture was taken at our house.

Some of the children had found a potato that was beginning to sprout, so they planted it and out came these small ones! The children Loved it! And my mom said it was a "homeschooling project"! (For those who don't know, we home school!)

Moms Birthday!

My moms 36th birthday was on July 5th!
So my dad took her out to Tiffinys Tea Room! (Not a very masculine place for men, but he said that he got his wife and his masculine coffee what else could he want? Well, I had hoped that they missed me!) Anyway, when they were gone I had the kids make her cards and I put up streamers. Stephen wrote her a verse that he learned from VBS "The Lord is the only true God - Jeremiah 10:10". She enjoyed it!

Happy birthday to the hardest working and most loved mom in the world!

Fourth of July and the Dunes

For the Fourth of July we went to the beach with our friends, the Devine Family.( We had taken pictures there, but we can't find them on the computer. So here some pictures of the Dunes that we had went to as well, two days before the Fourth.)

And this is how all the kids and my mom looked after my dad drove for only two minutes!

Okay, I just have tell this, but while we were at the Dunes we had heard a big explosion over all the people and water, so we looked towards the sound and saw a HUGE cloud of black smoke coming from the oil factory's! My mom got worried and was wondering if it was an attack or world war three (playfully, but she was worried), so after about ten or fifteen minutes we heard the same sound, saw another huge cloud of smoke, then it happened again, three times in all! Everyone had to leave the water, and when we were leaving we saw helicopters flying to the place where the explosions were! So we got home in time for the news and. . .they showed nothing about it!=(

Below is a picture a little after the smoke came, but when it first hit, it was loud and scary!

Over all it was a nice and exciting day!