Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little Switching

You are probably wondering why you see all of these changes coming on this blog, right? Well. . .

I, Janai Marie Fuentes, have officially started a new blog! It is called "Teen Impact"! So since I have done this, Naomi has taken over "Daughters of the King". I will still post on here though, just not as often.

And that explains why you see as these changes! Also when Nomi posts she signs it "~Naomi~". ( Just so you'll know it's her.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Conversation. . .

I got on the phone the other day and called my dad.

Dad: What Gumboo?

Me(Naomi): Um, Are you at the store?

Dad: No.

Me: Did you pass the store?

Dad: No.

Me: Are you going to the store?

Dad: No.

Me: Well, Mommy wants you to get some popcorn and you could get some ice cream for me and you.

Dad: No, because you're a "Marshmallow Alien"!

(Remember, my dad has a great sense of humor)


Friday, October 10, 2008

My Wildflowers

Earlier this year, I planted some wildflowers from seed. . .

. . . And here is how they came out.

~Aren't they pretty?~

~ by Naomi~

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Please pray for my Grandma Sara! She's been having problems with her heart and has been going in the hospital, frequently! She just went in last night again with her heart racing, tomorrow she's going to get shocked and Monday she's going to have surgery! Which is alot for a women in her age! All prayer's are appreciated!

Remnants of Ike

(This is from my mom's blog. I wanted to show you how much water we had here!)

I know this is a little late getting this up (remember I have eight children!) but I wanted to share how the front of our home looked two weekends ago when we were supposed to receive the remnants of hurricane Ike----a few cities in our area were declared disaster areas because of the overwhelming amount of water they received. We were lucky not to get any water in our home.

In the front of our home there is an intersection, it was filled to capacity from an overflowing ditch. Also there is a man-made lake across the street stocked with fish that spilled onto the road. Cars were dying out everywhere.

Above is Ravi showing you were the street once was. Thank God our home is on a slope!

Here's the view from inside. Isn't it lovely? The water rose even higher than what you see here. That whole area in front is usually all grass, that day we could have swam across it!

Cars did their best to get by but some were no match for the water.

Too bad Nana isn't here, she'd probably like to go fishing right about now. (See the cops in the background trying to block oncoming cars?)

When a poor soul would die out from the flood waters, my husband Steve jumped in the van and ran to the rescue (and he loved every minute---he is really my hero!). He helped push alot of people out of the water like this guy above who had to wait until his car dried out to start it again. Steve also helped people well into the night. (Is there any wonder why I am enamored with him?)

We were very fortunate, however, we do have family in Galveston, Texas who were not as lucky. Please pray for our family who are trying to rebuild their lives and all the others there as well.

Thanks for viewing my flood pictures!


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