Monday, July 9, 2007

Fourth of July and the Dunes

For the Fourth of July we went to the beach with our friends, the Devine Family.( We had taken pictures there, but we can't find them on the computer. So here some pictures of the Dunes that we had went to as well, two days before the Fourth.)

And this is how all the kids and my mom looked after my dad drove for only two minutes!

Okay, I just have tell this, but while we were at the Dunes we had heard a big explosion over all the people and water, so we looked towards the sound and saw a HUGE cloud of black smoke coming from the oil factory's! My mom got worried and was wondering if it was an attack or world war three (playfully, but she was worried), so after about ten or fifteen minutes we heard the same sound, saw another huge cloud of smoke, then it happened again, three times in all! Everyone had to leave the water, and when we were leaving we saw helicopters flying to the place where the explosions were! So we got home in time for the news and. . .they showed nothing about it!=(

Below is a picture a little after the smoke came, but when it first hit, it was loud and scary!

Over all it was a nice and exciting day!

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Karisse Wesco said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together! Can't wait to see you all!