Friday, September 19, 2008

"Mom Palin"

You've all seen this picture. . .

. . .What about this one?

(Sarah Palin and her youngest child, Trig.)

Monday, September 1, 2008


Joshua (4 yrs old) is always saying little things that are cute or funny, so I wanted to post some so you could read them. (Note he says "Now" in the beginning of almost every sentence!)

The other day Naomi and Josh were talking outside and then she asked him what he wished he could be? She started naming different things such as a pastor, a bug, a chair, and other things. When she finished he said, "Now, you just forgot a millipede!" and of course, that's what he wanted to be! =)

Josh was talking to my dad and out of the blue he said, "When I grow older, I want to be a Bible-doughnut Boy!"! (I think he wanted the best of both worlds!)

Once Nomi was in the bath-room and Josh knocked and she answered "Who is it?" and he said "Now, I just saw that it was me!".

When the Olympics were going on he wanted to watch it and asked my mom, "Now, me just want to watch a 'limpics!"

And finally, last week our neighbors invited us to pick their concord grapes and we did. That night Joshy was praying and said "Please tell Mr. Lamb to tell us to pick his grapes again!"