Thursday, May 24, 2007

Making Jamestown

As many of you know, this year is the 400th year of Jamestown. So, a few weeks ago we made a model of Jamestown.

These are the ingredients we used.(Cream wafers, frosting, pretzel sticks, and graham crackers.)

We had to saw the base out of wood and since my dad was gone we had to find his tools, find some wood, find a place to lay the board on, and then actually try to start sawing.

Stephen and Ravi said since they are the men of the house when dad is gone they should help with the sawing, too.

I was wondering were the frosting went!

This is one of the three walls.

Here is the very messy looking Jamestown! O, well!

Friday, May 18, 2007

World War II

A couple weeks ago we went to a annual World War II Reenactment at Lowell, IN. We had been here only once, about seven years ago (so that means only half of us was alive!) . It was very neat to see them replay the war again.

This is a tank.

Checking to make sure every solder is there.

Getting ready to start the war.

Notice how low the plane is, that's about how low all the planes came down!

Oh, oh a German took an American, prisoner!

We're sitting in a motor bike that was made in the 1940's that still works. ( I know because I was burned by the motor!) It belonged to the guy behind us, but we didn't know!( He was probably wondering why six kids were on it!)

This hat was very heavy.

This is a gun. After they replayed the war, some of the "solders" came by and gave us about fifty or more bullets! I would encourage families to go there together. For more info. visit the homeschool corner.