Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve my family got together at my cousins (the Dyckman's) house.

At their house, there was a candy cane hunt for the little kids and there was a jar of chocolates there and we older kids had to figure out how many chocolates were in there (Of which, I won!). They had also prepared a ceremony for everyone, there was violin playing and reading of scripture!

There's one happy couple! (My aunt Marisela and uncle Bob)

My beautiful grandmother!

Virgie, Lena, Joy, Sara, and Naomi

Looks like their behaving well, doesn't it?(Notice the presents in the back, that's not all of them!)

William, Virgie, Auggie, and Alex.

O look, Santa and his Elf working together again! (Uncle Ray and Uncle Is.)

The Fuentes Family (My dads oldest brother, Rey and his wife, Norma.)

The Dyckman Family (My dads older and only sister, Marisela and her husband, Bob.)

Naomi's Birthday!

Naomi's 9th birthday was on December 12th!

My Grandma made this cake for her.(It has cupcakes around it.)

On her birthday, my parents and Christian (one of the twins) had been in the hospital for six days. She really wanted everyone there to be with her! And she got her wish! They came home around six o'clock, finally! (We haven't seen them for three days, but we survived!) Christian is doing very good now, he had a lot of people praying for him! (He had an illness called Kawasaki Disease, it could affect the heart.)

Naomi is a very good helper! She does a good job taking care of the twins.She is very crafty! She loves doing pretty much any kind of craft. She also likes to cook. As a matter of fact, a couple days ago, she and Ravi made some Christmas bread for our neighbors. And this morning she just made a loaf of tasty banana bread for us. Yumm...

Keep up the good work, Noami!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stephen's Birthday!

Stephens 7th birthday was on December 1st!

Stephen requested a 'Pastors' cake! Oh no, my mom thought, where on earth would she find decorations to make a pastors cake for her seven year old? But sure enough, she found some after some ferverent prayer!

"Stephen, lets build a pulpit for you!" said Dad. Ready, Set, Build!

So he built a pulpit with him!

Here it is, all finished and ready for use! Stephen just loves it, he preached for about half an hour (though it seemed like two hours!) with his new learn-to-read Bible that he also got!

Josh is following his big brothers example.He also preached for five minutes.(Then got tired and ran away!)

The ttwwiinnss sure enjoyed the day playing with Stephens toys! (Can't you tell?)

Stephen is a real good boy (and helper, too!). He knows how to do things that most seven-year-olds don't know how to do. And (most of the time) with a good attitude!

I think he is the only seven year old that asked for a Pastors cake. If you know anymore please post a comment!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Naomi's Pictures

This is Ms. Funny Face(me)! This is very ugly, yuck. And to be honest, it makes me sick!

Ravi's balancing a spoon on his NOSE!
Funny, It was HARD to do. Funny ha..ha..

Here's me, Naomi, trying to do it.

Who's holding who? hmm....

Joy in our backyard!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Janai's Birthday!

For my 14th birthday, we went horse riding! We went to one in Lakes of Four Seasons( I'm not sure of the name). My horse was named Charlie.

It's not very hard to ride.(By the way, this was my first time riding a horse, besides the Fair, but there I only rode a pony.)Where we went, I got a lesson on how to actually get on a horse, get off, and how to steer a horse.

Right here, Naomi is riding a pony named, Pete. We were able to rent for a half a hour. The horse I was able to ride the whole time, but the pony the kids (Naomi to Joshua) had to all share theirs.

Three cow-boys waiting their turn.

Joshua just loves riding (as a matter a fact, he just loves animals), he wasn't scared at all!

Howdy, Cow-girl!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Joy's Birthday Tea Party!

On November 7th was Joys birthday (and Billy Grahams) , so we had a tea party for her. She turned four years old. Joys favorite fruit is strawberries. So we put them all over her cake with four candles (is it me or is the whip cream beginning to slide off?)

These are fruit-kabobs.We also had Pigs-in-a-Blanket, chocolate and vanilla covered strawberries, ham and cheese cubes on colored toothpicks, and of course, cake!

"Look at me, Mama!"

Right here, Joy's opening her smallest present.She loves things that fit in her hand!

We got to use Mom's real china tea cups! She got the nicest one. We all had a great time! Joy's a really great sister. She loves to hold the babies (Christian and Josiah) all the time. She's a good helper when she helps out with the house. She also likes to make cards and pictures for people. She brings a lot of joy to our home. That's why her name is Joy!(in case you haven't noticed!) My sister, Naomi, likes to say "I love Joy ALOT!"

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hello, I'm Janai, daughter of Steve and June. Welcome to our blog! Hope you enjoy it! Below are my sisters, who will be helping me out with the blog.

Hi, I'm Naomi! Janai's little sister!

I'm Joy! I just turned four!