Thursday, May 24, 2007

Making Jamestown

As many of you know, this year is the 400th year of Jamestown. So, a few weeks ago we made a model of Jamestown.

These are the ingredients we used.(Cream wafers, frosting, pretzel sticks, and graham crackers.)

We had to saw the base out of wood and since my dad was gone we had to find his tools, find some wood, find a place to lay the board on, and then actually try to start sawing.

Stephen and Ravi said since they are the men of the house when dad is gone they should help with the sawing, too.

I was wondering were the frosting went!

This is one of the three walls.

Here is the very messy looking Jamestown! O, well!


Daniel James Devine said...

Wow, good job on that. You must have eaten it all before we were over last week since I didn't see any of it around!

Deborah said...

That looked like so much fun. loved the photos

Diane @ Candid Reflections said...

Hi Mrs Fuentes, Thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog and taking the time to comment. Please stop by again! I enjoyed looking at your photos of this project. It brings back such sweet meories of the things we used to do in the days of home educating our daughters! Blessings, Diane