Monday, January 7, 2008

Stephen Giving. . .

Last week, Stephen supported the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association by giving $2! (And he's only eight years old!) He's been praying alot for the ministry and he will receive a book called "Hope For Each Day" by Billy Graham.
My mom encouraged us (Me and Naomi) to help support other ministries as well. Naomi is going to help and pray for Above Rubies. I am still thinking about the one I'll help. I'm pretty sure it will be a radio ministry, though. There are just so many programs and stations to choose from! I'll just keep praying! =)


TMD said...

Hooray for Stephen...he's a good little boy with a cute smile! :)

I'm sure you'll choose a good ministry to support Janai. You and Naomi are doing a wonderful job helping Mom at home with your little siblings.

The Lord sees your good works and will reward you greatly!!!


Christina said...


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