Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation Bible School

Last week Naomi, Stephen, Ravi, and Joy went to Vacation Bible School (VBS) . (I helped out with Joy's class, the preschoolers, so you are mostly going to see pictures of her class.)

This is Joy's class.

This is her class doing worship. . .

. . .With Joy.

They had to stuff two bears each, one for themselves and one for children in Africa.

Stephen and Ravi in their class.

Here are the preschoolers walking around a "wall" that they made to represent the wall that Joshua in the Bible walked around. (The only difference was that this wall only lasted about two minutes!) ;)

Then they were able to walk around the church as a wall.

The children really enjoyed VBS, and will most likely go back next year!

(For those who don't know that much about VBS, it's just a program for preschoolers-6th grade, once a year for five days(Monday- Friday), usually around evening. They do worship every night, all the children do crafts, eat snacks, and this year they were able to throw water balloons at some of the helpers! And on the last day they have to recite whatever they had learned during the week. )

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