Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Naomi, the Baker

Mmmm. . . Blueberry muffins!

This... I forgot the name of it... but it was very good (and sweet, just the way I like it!)!=)

Naomi is quit the baker around here, as you can see!


~Anna~ said...

Yum, that looks GOOD! I love cooking and baking! =) Can't wait to see you whenever you come up!
Anna Joy =)

Karisse Wesco said...

How fun! The pictures are lovely. I'm sure that all of her "baking" has been appreciated by each of you!!

I hope we can see you all again sometime soon!

God bless!

Janai Fuentes said...

Hi, Anna and Karisse! Thanks for stopping by (and commenting!)! Hopefully I'll be able to see you both soon (and actually meet Anna!);)

~Anna~ said...

Yes, that would be nice, wouldn't it! :)
Anna Joy =)

Janai Fuentes said...

Ok, now I remember the name to that desert...its called "Magic Bars"! My sister has to keep reminding me what they're called!=)

Steve Fuentes said...

Thanks for all the yummy treats and the homemade pancakes, they're the best!!!