Monday, April 2, 2007

The Homeschooling Room (So Far)

For about the last three weeks, my dad has been working on our basement (pretty much from scratch) making a "homeschooling room". So on all his days off, besides Sunday, he's been working on it. A couple of guys also came and helped him out. Stephen and Ravi go downstairs and help him whenever they get a chance! I know he can't wait until all five of his sons grow up and are able to help him alot more!

Here are some pictures of his 'two-feet and under' helpers...

Ravi is always at my dads heels!

The girls also help whenever they get a chance! (Kind of looks like their arrested, doesn't it?)

Here, they're helping to hold up some drywall for him.(Keep looking for the next post about the room!)

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