Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stoney Run Park

Last Sunday we visited Stoney Run Park in Lowell, IN. And since some of us were sick, we thought that would better to get some fresh air and do our church service outside.

Here we are by the water.

Josiah, isn't he cute?

Here, we were looking for rocks to "skip" across the water.

Somebody was Grumpy!

The twins are telling each other something...(probably, how much fun they're having!)

Later there were more people coming, so we went into the woods that were there. The whole woods had thorns in it, so when we came out, we were all scratched up!

My dad found us and he started having fun, too (with Christian!).

After we were tired and calmed down we started our service and began singing some hymns and listening to my dad teach about Character.
We had only been to this park once before, a couple years ago. I encourage families to go there and to have fun!

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Naomi said...

Yes Josiah is very cute!