Monday, April 16, 2007

"The Passion of The Christ"

This year right before Easter, my parents, me, and my sister all watched 'The Passion of the Christ' produced by Mel Gibson.I thought it was very good! And when I had time to think more about it I was like "WOW, he did that for me?! He went through getting condemned of doing crimes he and others knew he didn't do, having to get whipped with a "Cat of Nine Tails" (which is a whip with nine leather straps on it with all nine straps full of sharp pieces of metal, broken glass, or small sharp rocks) with his skin ripping off his back and chest every time they whipped him (which was thirty-nine times), getting huge thorns pressed on his head, having to carry a cross (probably, as big as a tree) up a steep, rocky mountain getting whipped whenever he stopped, and then having three nails (I heard were placed right in a certain vain that burst in your chest!) placed in him, with a thief that was yelling at him, all because of ME!!"

I always knew that, but when you look deeper into what they did to people who were going to be crucified, it's a lot more then it what it seems! The Christ, the innocent Lamb of God, went though all that for us sinful people who do sin how many times a day!

Since he did all that for us, how much more should we be trying to do our best for him? Let me ask you again, are you willing and ready to take up your cross and follow him?

Mary Magdalene

Satan looks alluring and tempting but, in reality he is disgusting!

(These are all pictures from the film.)

This film really shows what he went through and has had a powerful impact on me, my family, and everyone I know who has seen it! I would recommend this film to anyone.


Anonymous said...

Dear Janai,

I visited your blog and I enjoyed your family pictures. I am encouraged to see another young person who loves Jesus.What a great God we serve, who not only provides us with a new life on earth but an eternal one someday in heaven.
Thanks again for sharing! May the Lord bless you as you serve in your home. Lydia K. <><

Janai said...

I couldn't agree more! What a blessing!