Thursday, December 28, 2006

Naomi's Birthday!

Naomi's 9th birthday was on December 12th!

My Grandma made this cake for her.(It has cupcakes around it.)

On her birthday, my parents and Christian (one of the twins) had been in the hospital for six days. She really wanted everyone there to be with her! And she got her wish! They came home around six o'clock, finally! (We haven't seen them for three days, but we survived!) Christian is doing very good now, he had a lot of people praying for him! (He had an illness called Kawasaki Disease, it could affect the heart.)

Naomi is a very good helper! She does a good job taking care of the twins.She is very crafty! She loves doing pretty much any kind of craft. She also likes to cook. As a matter of fact, a couple days ago, she and Ravi made some Christmas bread for our neighbors. And this morning she just made a loaf of tasty banana bread for us. Yumm...

Keep up the good work, Noami!


Anonymous said...

Hello little Babies (Janai, Nomi you don't know me, Joy Joy!)

This is your Tio Iz the Wiz, and I am with Baby Sara, Kool Virg, and Ethan as "Charlie Hedgehog".

We are looking at your blob, ohhh....Sorryyyyy!!!! I mean blog and we are very impressed :)

We are thinking and we want to suggest a different web address for you and Nomi. From to: or or (you get it???) or


We strongly suggest this last web-site because it contains all of your names and Nicknames!!!!!!

Let us know what you think??

tio iz, Baby Sara, Kool Virg, charlie Hedgehog

Janai said...

Just to answer you about our web adress...I think our adress is just fine but thank you for offering to help in the best way you could!

And of all of them I think that the last adress is pretty neat (though I would never use it!) because it would be to l-o-n-g!

I am glad you, Sara, Virgie, and Charlie Hedgehog (aka-Ethan) were able to look at the blog.

And one last thing...I prefer to be called by my name and not by my nickname from when I was little!


Anonymous said...

OK Janai,

OHHHHH.... I am so sorry for calling you "Cheeseburger" :(

I have to realize that you are not my little Cheeseburger anymore and you are not my big Cheeseburger either. So no more "Cheeseburger". Matter of fact, I am not going to even eat a Cheeseburger for the rest of my life??? Because every time I eat a Cheeseburger, I will think of you when I used to call you "Cheeseburger". So please say Goodbye to Cheeseburger. more thing, please forgive me for calling you Cheeseburger and even for giving you a Cheeseburger as a gift a couple of years ago by the Divine's. I have to grow up and realize that I will be "Cheeseburger-lessssssss" for the rest of my life :(

All this talk about Cheeseburgers is making me hungry.... I think I will go buy myself a Cheeseburger on last time :)

Your Tio IZ

Janai said...

Thank you for understanding! And I don't really mind you eating cheeseburgers at all (so go on and have another one)!


Janai said...

Wait! Don't have another one, you'll stay healthy!:)