Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve my family got together at my cousins (the Dyckman's) house.

At their house, there was a candy cane hunt for the little kids and there was a jar of chocolates there and we older kids had to figure out how many chocolates were in there (Of which, I won!). They had also prepared a ceremony for everyone, there was violin playing and reading of scripture!

There's one happy couple! (My aunt Marisela and uncle Bob)

My beautiful grandmother!

Virgie, Lena, Joy, Sara, and Naomi

Looks like their behaving well, doesn't it?(Notice the presents in the back, that's not all of them!)

William, Virgie, Auggie, and Alex.

O look, Santa and his Elf working together again! (Uncle Ray and Uncle Is.)

The Fuentes Family (My dads oldest brother, Rey and his wife, Norma.)

The Dyckman Family (My dads older and only sister, Marisela and her husband, Bob.)


Tio IZ said...

Wow! Great blob, Ohhhh, I mean blog! These are all beautiful pictures of my precious nieces and nephews, except you are missing one very special picture???

You know which picture, right? The picture of Tio Iz carrying baby Janai in the palm of my right hand and carrying baby Nomi (you don't know me) in the palm of my left hand!!!

Keep up the good work with your blob, Ohhhh, I mean blog. Maybe one day, you will be running your Tio Iz' blob, Ohhhh, I mean blog!

Tio Iz

Tio Iz said...


I just noticed me wearing an Elf hat on your blog, "Not-fair because it messed up my hair"--hey, that rhymes :) not bad!

I will be in touch!!

Tio Iz

Janai said...

In the first comment you wrote, I like how you said that I am in the palm of your right hand...but I don't think we have a picture like that! (For me and Naomi are five years apart, so I don't think I was that small!)

Janai said...

And for your hair, you could just put some more hair spray on! Oh, and thanks for writing a comment on my blob, Ohhhh, I mean blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Uncle Iz-WOW-Great blog and pictures. I have not seen any of you for a long time, so it's great seeing all of you. Keep up the good work.God bless.
Love,Aunt Mary