Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update. . .

This time I'm not posting any pictures! Anyway, today at our home we had a garage sale and I think we did pretty good! (money wise!) One of the people that came was an old woman named "Jackie" and after she bought her stuff, she asked if we read the Bible and if we were Christians? and my mom said yes that we were Christians and read the Bible, then she was so happy, she gave us all hugs (complete stranger!), and said she loved us! (I thought that was neat! I don't know why though!)

I was thinking about starting a new blog for teens (everyone but, teenagers primarily) called something like "Impact Teens". What do you think? Can anyone give me ideas?

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The Young Artist said...

I think that your idea on a teen blog sounds cool! And by the way you can put a link to my blog. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I am also the oldest sister of a big group.

Now back to the new blog idea, it's a good idea. I think that you might give kids a really good message on God or whatever you may talk about. Maybe (as an idea) you can explain that abortion is not right and that it should be stopped. You could explain ways on how to be christian when people around you who aren't. You could also give advice on how to be moral instead of immoral! Just some ideas!!
Thanks again!=)