Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Acts 29. . .

Recently, we (the siblings) gave money to help support ministry's and organizations. I gave to "Voice of the Martyrs", Naomi gave to "Above Rubies", Stephen gave to "Walk in the Word", and Ravi gave to "Acts 29"! Right now, I want to talk about Ravi, his 5 dollars, and "Acts 29".

The other day (after we sent the money), Ravi received a letter from 'Acts 29' that said they started a fund called "Ravi's Matching Fund"!!

The vice president, Scott Thomas (who is very busy!), even went to write about Ravi on his own blog! Ravi's money went to help plant a church in Georgia! Ravi is helping to change the world!

Click on "A Child's Heart for Church Planting" to see Ravi's letter and the post written about him (and to possibly match his fund!).

For those of you who don't know, "Acts 29" is a church planting network. They have planted over 100 churches in America and are still going strongly! And my whole family loves what they're doing!

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