Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day Number. . .3!

We went to the Cincinnati Zoo! And this is what greeted us. . . an on the loose peacock!

It was raining that day on and off. So most of the time we were running from building to building.

Fruit bats.

Dad and 'Siah (That's what we call Josiah, for short.)

This is a manatee. You usually don't see them at zoo's, so it was neat seeing one there!

The wolf is one of my favorite animals!! I like the howl sound it makes along with the way it looks!

Joy and Joshy.

Another wolf.

When we were about to leave, this peacock had its feathers opened!

Here are three of the boys.

All of us kids by the entrance of the zoo.

And another night in the pool!

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