Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Virgies Tea Party

My cousin, Virgina, had a tea party a few days ago in honor of her birthday. I had alot of fun being there! There was alot of food also, and it was all so good! A few of the games we played were: Hot Potato, Mother May I and Red Light-Green Light. We also decorated some boxes with flowers, jewelry and pearls to keep as "memory boxes". And so I wanted to share a few pictures of the fun with you... :)

This picture is of the "little girls" table. The birthday girl is at the head of the table.

My sister, Joy, passing the "potato" in hot potato. We used a tea party book... ;)

Hot potato!!

Lizzy, Isabelle and Veronica waiting to eat.

A "food tower"... it was delish! ;)

Decorating our boxes...

My Mom's place card.

The "older girls" table...

The cake! Pretty, right?

Decorating station...

More food!

A group photo, minus the older girls...

Hope you enjoyed it!

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