Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dinorita's Birthday Tea Party!

A few days ago our good friend, Dinorita Ruiz, had her 15th birthday! To celebrate it she had a tea party and after that a BBQ! While we were having tea and cookies, her mom spoke to her about becoming a good godly woman, many of their friends showed up to help them celebrate!!

Mrs. Rivera and Mrs. Peterson

Ladies talking and eating.

The little girls table

Little Mia pouring tea

Two of my cousins, Lena and Virgie.

Jenny Medlen and Juliana.

Juliana with her sister the very excited birthday girl!!

Little girl side: Virgie, Joy and Lena
Big girl side: Me (Naomi), Sara (our cousin), and Janai



TMD said...

We had a good time, right Nomi? It was fun!!!

Glad you girls were able to see your friends again!!

Homeschool Cowgirl said...

I love reading your blog!!!
Can we become blog friends?
I think that your blog is so
Come vist mine!