Monday, May 3, 2010

Father/Daughter Dinner!

My dad took me (Naomi) and my two sisters, Janai and Joy to a Father/Daughter dinner at Dinolfos Banquet Hall. There was alot of people there, around 200 or more! There was a teaching done by Norm Wakefield and plenty of games, dancing, eating and talking.

Here are some pictures:

Our friends, Kelle and her sister.

Mary-Michelle and Janai

Dad and Joy

Me and dad

Mr. Salinas and his daughter, Bobbie, they sat at our table with some other friends.

Dad with Mr. Robert Salinas, Mr. Roger Martinez, and Mr. Juan Carlos Rios .

Mr. Martinez with his daughter.

Dad and Janai

The tables

Group photo

Dinorita and her sister, Juliana, made their dresses!

James McDonald with dad.

Joy and Priscilla Ruiz

Sierra and Lenna Candler with their friend

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TMD said...

It was a pleasure taking three of the prettiest young ladies in Indiana to this event! I had a lot of fun, especially dancing with you, Janai, and Joy!