Monday, December 28, 2009

My 12th Birthday!

For my birthday we went to the American Girl Doll place in Downtown Chicago. Then we went to my grandpas house for a party afterwards.

This is a pair of colorful earrings that my mom and my sister got me.

I wonder what this is ??

A puzzle!

Here it is!

Me and my sisters, Joy and Janai.

People waiting in line to get their dolls hair styled.



Uh. . . another of one of the other million look-a-like dolls that are there!
(wow, say that 10 times fast!)

The American girl doll dog, Coconut.

Felicity and Elizabeth. . .

. . .And last but not least, Josephina!

Have a blessed new year!



Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Naomi, I had so much fun with you girls this day, only I wish you would have saved me some of your lollipop truffle! ;)

Can't wait to see what we will do for your birthday next year!

I love you and keep up the good job on this blog!

Tasha said...

Hello Naomi!
My name is Tasha,I am 12
years old and LOVE American
girl dolls!
I have 3, Nikki(From 2007),Samantha,
and Nellie.
Have you ever heard of the Life of Faith dolls,I think they are so fun to play with!
I have one, her name is Millie Keith.
: )
I would love to be friends with you.
I love playing the Piano and Take horse back riding lessons!

Love reading your blog
Homeschooling Cowgirl

Naomi said...

Hi Tasha!
I would love to be friends with you too!
Yes, we have two Life of Faith dolls. I have Kathleen and my sister has Elsie. Do you have a blog?
I love American Girl dolls too, even though I don't actually own any. :(
My favorite though is Ruthie.