Friday, December 12, 2008

My 11th Birthday

Today is my birthday and I had a doll tea party and invited the girls from our church over for tea! Here are some pictures of it.

Here I am opening my gifts.

Here we are playing London bridge.

Here we are playing "Hot Candy Cane".

We also wrapped each other in toilet paper.

All the dolls.

Here's the table.

This is my Life of Faith doll I received for my birthday. Her name is Kathleen McKenzie.

Lauren, Me and Jessy.

All of us with our dolls.

My cake.
(Did we forget the sprinkles during all the fun?)

Thank you everyone who came for coming! I had a great time!!: )


TMD said...

A special Birthday party for a special little Girl...My little girl!

You and your sisters are true blessings from the Lord "Gummy Bear."

Glad you had a great time!


Tricia said...

Your birthday is close to our's too. We turned 11 in January.

emma and kaydee