Monday, February 18, 2008

Our New Church!

There has been alot of changes for us, church wise. Starting from October we left our church at New Life Community Church to go to Hillcrest Baptist Church (website still in the making!). New Life is a mega church, so far, there are twelve different locations and sixteen different services (some in Spanish). After church we had a Bible study called Homebuilders. Where we had a pretty big group.

My dad really likes the idea of church planting, and he wanted to see models of other churches and how they do certain stuff (bulletins, worship, structure, etc.) So, we started by looking around and visiting churches and that's how we ended up at Hillcrest. It is closer than New Life and is right next to an apple orchard. =)

This is our pastor. Pastor Dennis and his wife, Tamra.

We, along with the Pastor Dennis and his family, are working on relaunching this church! So far we have been able to help--- my dad has been doing the sound for church (he taught me, so I'm going to be in charge now!), he does the website along with my mom, and he has started doing the announcements. I will be helping to do the bulletins and I help in the nursery. My mom also helps in the nursery, as well as my sister. My two brothers help pass the plates for the offering. Now, after church (at Hillcrest) we're leading another Bible study called, Fusion. We are also going to start leading one at our house which we have named HomeBuilders once again.

We have been very blessed with the opportunity of being able to help out at Hillcrest! We've already been able to do alot of things here (listed above), that we've never have done for the twelve years we've been at New Life!

At New Life they made this really great video about helping Chicago out by planting and reviving more churches.

This is the Restart video.

This is me, Mrs. Hall (Tami), and her daughter Lauren.

In December, we all went to Wal-Mart and sang Christmas carols. All of the children dressed up as the nativity scene. L to R: Naomi as Mary, Joy as an angel, Stephen as a shepherd, Ravi as a king, and Josh as a shepherd.

Mary, Jesus, and Joseph (Naomi and Martin Wells, he is the oldest of the pastor's sons)

Ravi and one of the pastor's other sons, Jonathan.

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