Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liberty Day!

This past weekend we went to a festival called Liberty Day . It was about Jamestown, Virginia and how it started, who was in it, etc. It was a two day event but we only went to the main (and best) part of it, because it would if been a long time to sit for the younger kids. There were a couple hundred people there! It's a annual event hosted by the Erber family.

Stephen and Ravi as colonists!

Doug Phillips was one of the speakers along with William(Bill) Potter.

Some of the Erber sons sang some patriotic songs. There was a play with singing that they did, too. It was about the Boston Tea Party. It was very funny!(Look closely at the picture and you'll see two of the Erber sons wearing fake dresses, acting the play out!)

Everyone applauding.

My dad was able to meet Doug Phillips---

And so was my mom!

(Clockwise from top) Sara, Jessie, Joy, and Naomi

There was also line dancing such as the Virginia Reel, Polka Pattie Cake, and the Spanish Waltz.

Some of the little girls dancing on their own afterward.

Me and Sara Devine

I had a great time there!

For information about it go to my moms blog at her post called 'Raising Maidens of Virtue' Encounter.

Hope to see you there next year!

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